About Jodi Louise

Hi, I’m Jodi Louise.

I’m a professionally trained and qualified creative designer from Sydney… and a doting Aunty to a tribe of Nieces and Nephews whom I love to pieces.

Being a doting Aunty I love gift giving. I’m always excited about finding the perfect gifts for each of my Nieces and Nephews that will be loved for years to come. I am also a little bit on the competitive side, so to be honest, I do love to outdo everybody else’s gifts (just don’t tell them I said that).

One year I began searching on the internet for personalised gifts, and I was left feeling a little disappointed by what I found. The personalised gifts I found were nothing more than inserting a name into a story depicting characters that looked nothing like my Nieces and Nephews. I was really disheartened and disappointed in what was being offered.

When I think of a truly personalised storybook, I think of a story with the child visually placed into the story, so they can see themselves on every page as they flip through the book. As a creative designer I knew that this was possible with a little bit of work, so feeling frustrated, I set out to create personalised gifts for my Nieces and Nephews that they could say were ‘All About Me’.

I will never forget the look on their faces when they unwrapped there presents to find a storybook that wasn’t just about them, but had them illustrated on every page. They fell in love with their storybook instantly. The books went with them to school, and to friends’ houses, and were read every night (Sorry to my sister-in-law’s for that).

So as you can imagine, the gifts attracted a lot of attention from other parents and children who saw them… and my Nieces were making sure that everybody saw them. So I have spent over a year developing a system that now allows me to offer a truly personalised gift at a reasonable price, and I am proud to be able to offer a range of products for all budgets.

I love making these gifts, and I hope that the children get as much joy out of the gifts as I get when making them.

Jodi Louise